What is hidden in the Russian women’s names?

What interests people the most when getting acquainted, when you like and are impressed by a person? It is a person’s name. Firstly, all men, when getting acquainted with a woman, are interested in what is this woman’s name, in order to know how to make resort to her and to understand which one of famous names may belong to her. Stereotypical views of European men that all Russian women names must be Natasha have already begun to disappear. Everyone already knows that there are a lot of beautiful names in Russia, just like there are lots of beautiful women.

Russian name is so multifaceted

So, let’s talk about what kind of Russian women’s names have become the most popular and favorite among European men. It is enough to look at online dating sites in order to understand girls with what names are often registered on it and with whom European men are getting acquainted.

Let’s start with the most common ones. The best known Russian names for women were and still are: Lena, Natasha, Ira, Katia, Maria, Olga, Tatiana, Sofia. These names are associated with certain stereotypes that drew in the imagination of men in Europe. They associate them with Turgenev girls, with the works of famous classic writers such as Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, where women are showing their best sides. These works help men building their understanding of all Russian women, of their character, and novels’ heroine becomes the dream of many European suitors.

In recent years, more rare names began to appear: Valeria, Eugenia, Alexandra, Tamara, Daria, Victoria, Veronica, Elizabeth, and others. They are less common and attract European men’s attention, sparking their interest. Sometimes you can even find names which are astounding, as they are considered not being Russian, for instance Bazhena, Bella, Ada, Albina, etc.

It is believed that each name corresponds to certain traits, but don’t attach so much importance to this factor. Often you meet a person, he becomes the most important in your life, no matter what his name is.

Why is name so important?

Why is name so important when getting acquainted with woman who you plan to build relationships with? Why does it kindle interest, and this interest doesn’t diminish even after years? For all men it’s important, as his companion is associated with certain prevailing concepts, habits, and very often Russian woman names play a crucial role when acquainting. Often you can meet a man who is looking for women with certain name, and then, seeing her appearance, he wants to get to know her. But in most cases woman’s name plays no role, because once there is a kinship of souls, everything else doesn’t matter.

The name often determines the fate, but most people decide with whom they live and whom to love. So look for your only one no matter what her name is, she will be your destiny and your beloved woman.